15 - 16 JUNE, 2020    LUNA PARK SYDNEY



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Be part of Australia’s most exciting and progressive gathering of Procurement leaders, difference-makers and disruptors as they celebrate the talent, technology and ideas transforming procurement. Two amazing days of learning and sharing on Elevating Procurement’s Brand, Delivering Business Value, Strengthening Partnerships, Digital Transformation, Talent Management and Well-being. At a time of great uncertainty for industry upon industry, we’re on a mission to unlock and realise the potential of innovation for the betterment of people, businesses, and the world. Procurement Innovation Festival is produced by The Eventful Group and powered by A.T. Kearney.


Procurement leaders that develop the ability to consistently leverage new technology innovations will enjoy a significant competitive advantage and start to truly challenge the conventional wisdom of what is possible for procurement.

Andrew is the Founder & Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners (USA), Publisher of CPO Rising and a globally-recognised expert in sourcing and procurement.

Join Andrew for a fascinating examination into how technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Block Chain, Advanced Analytics for Big Data, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will impact and fundamentally change the procurement industry.

Celebrating the people, technology, ideas and innovations literally transforming procurement.

“The Modern CPO is an analyst, story-teller, stakeholder manager, PR agent and value-adder”


Your registration includes entry to the Festival, the solutions showcase, lunches, refreshments and the networking drinks, electronic access to the content and the networking app.


This is no ordinary Procurement Conference.

This is a two-day festival featuring a carefully-selected group of innovative global and Australian CPO’s – alongside psychologists, negotiators, leadership experts, neuroscientists and mindfulness specialists.

Topics range from the disruptive impact of AI, Machine Learning and blockchain, to building and selling Procurement’s brand internally.

Join us for two amazing days of content, networking, knowledge-sharing and fun. And celebrate the people, technology, ideas and innovations literally transforming procurement.


We are hosting two roundtable discussions (RTDs) for senior Sales leaders, focused on the people, processes, and technology enabling the Sales function. Each RTD is limited to 25 people, runs for 3 hours and includes: morning coffee and delicious snacks, lunch, awesome networking and lively debate and discussion. The RTDs are complimentary and vendor-free.